So many people in our community are desperately hoping to rebuild their lives… but they can't do it without YOUR help. Your Giving Tuesday gift has TWICE the impact today thanks to our Matching Challenge!

Imagine how many more people we can care for when your gift shares double the blessings with our hurting neighbors…

  • A hot meal for just $1.98 will feed one hungry and homeless person from our community.
  • A night of shelter can give someone a safe place to sleep and an invitation to rebuild their life.
  • A gift today will also provide Christ-centered guidance, job training and an opportunity to experience God's love!

Give back on this special day! Your gift will bless others in Western New York after a year that has been so hard. Double your impact by sharing your Giving Tuesday gift now.  

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A copy of the Buffalo City Mission's most recently filed financial report is available on the Charities Registry on the New York State Attorney General's website ( or, upon request, by contacting the New York State Attorney General, Charities Bureau, 28 Liberty Street, New York, NY 10005, or the Buffalo City Mission at 100 E. Tupper Street, Buffalo, NY 14203. You may also obtain information on charitable organizations from the New York State Office of the Attorney General at or (212) 416-8401.

Upon request, further description of the programs and activities supported by your contribution can be obtained from Buffalo City Mission.

Buffalo City Mission is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit corporation that relies heavily on private, tax-deductible donations to feed, shelter and care for our community's poor, hungry and homeless people.

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